can you get approved for disability with a job louisiana

Can I apply for disability in Louisiana if I have a job?

Navigating government bureaucracy is hard to do on the best day and nothing short of Byzantine on the worst day. The process for obtaining Social Security disability benefits can be many times more complicated and fraught with pitfalls. An all too common question for people looking for some assistance is, ‘Can I apply for disability in Louisiana if I have a job?’ This question can be confusing because if a person is working, they will not be deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration. However, if someone is collecting some version of disability benefits, they may work – at least a little.

Claiming SSDI Benefits While Working in Louisiana

The Social Security Administration website says, “If you are working in 2021 and your earnings average more than $1,310 a month, you generally cannot be considered disabled.”

However, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services has revealed that Social Security regulations do make it possible for people to try to work without endangering their claim to cash benefits and/or Medicare/Medicaid. Social Security disability benefits fall under two programs, Title II (Disability Insurance Benefits) and Title XVI (Supplemental Security Income).

Both Title II and Title XVI have provisions called work incentives. However, the two programs employ them differently. Depending on the program a person participates in, the work incentives will have different rules and requirements. But, both Titles can provide (per Louisiana DCFS):

  • Continuing cash payments
  • Ongoing help with medical bills
  • Assistance with work expenses
  • Vocational training

Benefits of Hiring a Disability Lawyer

Nobody can understate the challenges and difficulties of successfully filing a claim to collect Social Security disability benefits. Many forms and other paperwork must be filled out and submitted to the government agency on stringent deadlines. Making a simple error or missing a filing deadline can mean a person will need to start the entire process over from the beginning. Unfortunately, that means more time will pass for people with health issues, preventing them from working without getting the help they need.

An experienced disability attorney will understand what forms will need to be filed and when they need to be filed. After retaining a disability attorney, the person making a claim may be able to relax a little bit finally. 

How much does a disability attorney cost in Louisiana?

People are understandably concerned about hiring an attorney for anything because of how expensive that decision can be. Fortunately, federal law places limits on how much an attorney can charge their clients in disability cases. An attorney can only collect up to 25 percent of back pay benefits paid or $6,000, whichever figure is less.

Someone who is investigating their options for collecting SSDI benefits is already dealing with enough pain. Let an experienced and compassionate attorney handle the heavy lifting of the application process.