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New Orleans Disability Attorney for Schizophrenia

Mental health is equal to physical well-being in determining a person’s quality of life – and ability to work. Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that can negatively affect a person’s ability to think logically, respond appropriately in social situations or behave in an appropriate manner. Proper treatment may be able to keep the disease manageable, but there is no known cure. It is possible that the condition can permanently affect a person’s ability to have a job and qualify them for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. A qualified New Orleans disability attorney for schizophrenia claims can be an outstanding resource to guide these critical cases through the challenging process. 

Does having schizophrenia automatically qualify you for disability?

There are a few essential things to know when starting the application process SSDI benefits:

  • No diagnosis will automatically qualify a person for disability benefits.
  • Schizophrenia is a spectrum disease, meaning symptoms and their severity can vary widely from person to person.
  • All disability claims will require extensive documentation from a variety of medical professionals.

How is disability determined for schizophrenia patients?

Once a psychologist or psychiatrist makes a schizophrenia diagnosis, the Social Security Administration will examine the available evidence to make sure the condition meets any of several elements.

Under the first method of determination, the applicant must demonstrate extreme limitations in areas such as:

  • The ability to remember, understand or use information.
  • Interact with people using socially appropriate behavior.
  • Show marked limitations focusing on, persisting with, or maintaining pace while performing specific tasks.
  • The ability to adjust behavior to changing situations and managing themselves in a work environment.

Under the second method of determination, the case of schizophrenia (or other associated disorder on the disease’s spectrum) must be medically documented as serious and persistent over a period of two years. Additionally, the person applying for disability must be getting medical and mental health treatments or be living in a specialized environment that will make symptoms manageable. 

Is a disability attorney necessary to win a schizophrenia case?

Disability law is complex on its best day. A schizophrenia diagnosis will almost certainly make the process more challenging because of how many healthcare providers document such cases. Doctors (or psychologists) keep very detailed records outlining their patient’s symptoms and overall limitations. However, those records don’t necessarily demonstrate how the condition could prevent a person from working. 

When a disability lawyer takes the case, they can work with doctors and other providers to obtain the information the Social Security Administration requires to make a positive disability determination as quickly as possible.

You don’t need to take on this challenge alone. Make an appointment with one of our experienced and compassionate attorneys today.

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