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Do I Qualify for Disability in Louisiana?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides benefits to individuals who have worked and paid Social Security taxes. Insurance eligibility is dependent upon Quarters of Coverage (QCs), commonly called “work credits”. These are allotted based on the earnings for each quarter the individual has worked. Work credits ensure coverage until they “expire” on the individual’s Date Last Insured (DLI). Medical evidence must prove that the onset of disability was before their DLI to receive benefits.

If an incident or a medical condition has rendered you unable to work and make a living, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits (SSA). Disability benefits are available to disabled people all across New Orleans. To make a successful claim, you must supply Disability Determination Services (DDS) with complete medical evidence demonstrating your inability to work and make a living. You must show that your illness will continue at least a year or will cause your death. 

Who Qualifies for Disability in Louisiana?

The question therefore is who qualifies for disability in Louisiana? Let us get on it. 

The very first requirement for an application is to show that their condition is permanent. This indicates that your illness will persist at least a year or that you have a terminal disability. Due to the short timeframe, all applicants should keep their medical records and other important papers up to date. This will avoid any misunderstanding between the applicant and the Social Security Administration. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will try to determine whether an applicant’s condition precludes him or her from engaging in “substantial gainful activity” (SGA) on his or her own behalf. The SSA will also check to see if the applicant’s impairment hinders them from completing their previous job’s usual day-to-day activities. 

Finally, the SSA will determine if the applicant’s condition makes it difficult for them to obtain new work because of the impairment or because of their age or education. 

The Social Security Act provides benefits to disabled individuals under Title II (Disability Insurance Benefits) and Title XVI (Supplemental Security Income-SSI). 

Under Title II there are three basic categories of individuals who can qualify for benefits on the basis of disability: 

  • A disabled insured worker under 65.  
  • A person disabled since childhood (before age 22) who is a dependent of a deceased insured parent or parent entitled to Title II disability or retirement benefits.  
  • A disabled widow or widower age 50-60 if the deceased spouse was insured under Social Security. 

If you need help applying for social security disability, or have been denied, get a New Orleans Louisiana attorney to help you with your case.

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