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Can You Get Disability for Mental Health in Louisiana?

Over the last several years, more people have come to understand someone’s mental health is every bit as important as their physical health. Mental health issues can stem from various sources, including trauma or imbalances in brain chemistry. Those suffering from these potentially debilitating conditions are looking for help and are very likely wondering, can you get disability for mental health in Louisiana? Yes, it is possible. However, like any disability claim, people can struggle to navigate the arduous Social Security Administration’s bureaucracy. Because of this complexity, many mental health disability claims are denied out of hand but having an experienced attorney can make a difference in finding the relief people need.

Mental Disorders That May Qualify for SSI Disability

Nobody needs to be a doctor that the concept of mental health covers a lot of ground. There are thousands of recognized disorders, and just about any of them can qualify a person for Social Security disability benefits in Louisiana. Some of the most common mental health issues that people may receive disability payments for can include:

Intellectual disorder(s)
Autism disorders
Bipolar disorder
Substance abuse

Medical and psychological testing and evaluations will need to be done by an approved professional before a disability claim will be approved. 

Do I have to use a lawyer to get a disability?

Filing for Social Security Insurance disability relief is a long and challenging process. It is not uncommon for applications to include several dozen pages of information that must be filled out precisely and submitted on a strict timeline. An experienced disability attorney will be able to handle the ins and outs of this process deftly. 

The majority of disability claims are initially denied, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health. These denied cases will likely require an appeal to be handled by an experienced attorney. Hiring an expert attorney to navigate the alphabet soup of the various programs and government entities can take a lot of stress off of a person and their family. All of whom are already dealing with the challenges of managing mental health problems. NAMI also says that it can take almost two years from when a disability claim is filed to when a hearing is scheduled. 

Missing a single filing deadline along the way can cause a case to have to start over from the beginning.

Do not add to your struggles by taking on the Social Security Administration by yourself. Instead, reach out to one of our experienced disability attorneys today.

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